Brand Management &
Trademark Management
“Brands can transform the way we see the world. At their best, they change our perceptions, preferences and priorities.
We experience this daily with
the products and services we see and buy. We choose between tried-and-tested brands that have built-in equity and new or updated products that offer something different.”
Walter Landor

Marketing is a dynamic field that combines both creative ability and analytical skills: Bringing Brands to Life.

Knut Foeckler’s invaluable experience with blue chip brands has been demonstrated during his time at SAT1, MSN Microsoft Netowrk, T-Online and Terranova TV. Particularly his time as marketing manager at Philip Morris has proved his efficiency. Numerous communication awards but most notably the success of the brands dominate his professional life. W&V once wrote about him: “... Philip Morris’ marketing management is open to risks and happy to experiment with totally new and for brand advertising unconventional ways: above and below the line just about anything is permitted which is consistent with the expectation of communicative entertainment.

Despite his role as multicultural and intercreative precursor, Foeckler believes in classic brand management. On the German stage of brand marketing communication (and perhaps even the European) he is the exception allowing space for creative partners and as a free thinker in the new art of communication...”

To break the rules you have got to know them.

'Despite his pioneering multicultural and intercreative thinking, believes in traditional brand management. At the same time he embodies an exception, certainly in the German – and perhaps even in the European - brand communication field, in that he creates the space for his creative partners' freedom...' (w&v annual)

Managing Your Trademarks.
Sticking out of the Crowd.

Seen from a market orientated corporate management viewpoint, fundamental assets of marketing are the trademarks themselves. With this aspect in mind, newturn combines the disciplines of creation and brand law. After intense analysis of the respective market’s characteristics, distinct and innovative brands are developed. At the same time they are legally secured and permanently protected. Newturn has brought together a team of the requisite disciplines: the marketing expert and founding professor of the Köln International School of Design uses the expert knowledge of an internationally active brand law specialist as well as proficient designers. The integration of these know-how-components enables newturn to offer the following services fast and cost efficiently:
• Creating new brands and sub brands/line extensions
• Management/administration of your trademark portfolio
• Permanent monitoring of proprietary rights (Schutzrechtsüberwachung) for your trademark

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