Convergent Media
Web TV / TV 3.0
The landscape of communication is changing its DNA. The trick is to find new ways of decoding it.

Digital Lifestyle.
Mixed Media.

The trend towards individual and inter active usage of the media attracts mainly younger audiences, the ‘digital natives’ to the computer screen. Yet the ‘silver surfers’, the older generations also record a drastic increase of internet users.

Lean broadcast technology, increased prevalence of broadband connections and growing interest in internet videos are characteristics of this situation. Increasingly videos are downloaded from the internet, mainly of course from YOU TUBE.

Web TV – your own broadcast station on the internet. Control your own media platform.

The use of moving images on the internet will change the TV and media world like Google changed the internet and Skype changed telephone communication. Creative and professionally produced content are fundamental in marketing and maximising the client’s profile on the internet. This is essential in turning out web offers with far reaching results in the jungle of the net and creating a reputation in the respective target market. The unbeatable advantage of web communication is that the user can interact with the service provider without having to change the means of communication. Product information can be requested, orders and most other transactions can be implemented through the net. And best of all, all user activity is measurable! We are experiencing a new age of TV which is shaped by individual usage of TV and video content: A new media millennium.

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